As an Executive Coach and a teacher of the Alexander Technique I help people improve their lives by improving their presence and performance by changing their habits.

Have you ever driven to a distant city and found yourself wondering “could you really be there already”? You cannot recall going through intermediate towns or way-points. Do you remember feeling grateful that nothing untoward had happened on the way? Well this is a perfect example of performance without presence. It is at such times that we are most at risk. Because, with such a lack of presence, we can’t really be sure we are performing to our best.



People like Ann, a primary school teacher and traditional musician. Ann was experiencing serious problems with her voice. After learning how to stop the habitual ways in which she used her voice and breathing, she wrote to say: “this is the first time in years when I have not had to have any medical interventions for my voice.” And she should know. She already had two operations on her vocal cords.

And people like Chris. Chris is a top-flight executive who was in danger of having to change his career because of the ill-effects of tension caused by incessant international travel. Within months he had learned how to become aware of these tensions and how to manage them. Soon after, he was promoted to Director level, and is now a senior VP with his blue-chip company.

Presence and Performance

Presence and performance are the essence of a fulfilled, successful life and career. Without presence we find ourselves doing things habitually and with the awareness and sensitivity of a robot. Without improving performance, we are doomed to habit and having the same, limited effect again and again.